Abigail’s Party Saturday 21 May 2022

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Abigail’s Party

Saturday 21 May 2022, show starts 6.30pm

Doors Open 5.30pm – pay bar

Click on link to buy your tickets.


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Afternoon Tea Party

Come along to Pentridge Village Hall on Sunday 26th September
from 2-4pm for an Afternoon Tea Party in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. We’ll have copious amounts of tea, coffee, cake, cream teas and biscuits
so come along and support this very worthy cause!

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Ideas for Staying Busy in Self-Isolation

Artist Painting - staying busy while social distancing

We are lucky enough to live in a place full of natural beauty and space, so if you are able to get out in the garden or take a bit of exercise then great 🙂

For those who are unable to go out for whatever reason, or for those rainy days, here is an ever growing list of ways to stay occupied during self-isolation or social distancing put together by Pentridge resident, Crissi.

Stay in contact with Friends & Family

Phone, text and email your friends and family, connect with those who you haven’t spoken to for a while as well as those who you would normally see through your day to day activity.

Use a video calling app through your smart phone, tablet, ipad or computer – there are lots of free options to choose from:

FaceTime: If you have an Apple device such as iPad, iMac or iPhone then you can FaceTime anyone who also has an Apple device.

Whatsapp: Whatsapp is an app mainly used for texting but which also provides the video calling facility. Whatsapp is on Smartphones only. https://www.whatsapp.com

Skype: Skype is an app that can be used for video calling to anyone who who also has a Skype account / app. https://www.skype.com/en/

Zoom: Zoom is generally a workplace video calling app but can also be used by anyone else and includes group video calling so you can see more than 1 person at the same time. https://zoom.us/

HouseParty: Houseparty is a group video calling app, similar to Zoom but without the workplace features. https://houseparty.com

Games you can play over Video Call, Phone or in person

If you both have the same board game, then you can essentially play any game over video call. Here are a few other suggestions to get the fun going with family and friends.

Song Association Game

After seeing celebrities playing this game on YouTube, Crissi & family decided to make up their own version. http://assistbusinessit.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Song-Association-Words.pdf

  • Either take turns to say a word, or print them out, cut up and shuffle them
  • Everyone must quickly sing a song that contains that word within its lyrics.
  • You have to sing it, no cheating and just saying the song name!
  • Works great for FaceTime or Skype calls to family and friends too.
  • You can decide how long they get for each word, we usually do 30 seconds.
  • You could add a forfeit or dare if they don’t get sing a song in time.


We all know what Charades is, who knew it would take its turn to come around again as a fun game to play over a group video call with friends and family.

Heads up

Heads up is a fun game that you download on to your smartphone – Similar to other games where you are given a word, an item or person and the other team members have to give you clues to help you to guess the word within the time limit: https://www.warnerbros.com/games-and-apps/heads/

Online Pub Quizzes

You would have to provide your own beer and snacks for this but there are suddenly an abundance of online pub quizzes available to join. Here are a few:

Adult Learning

Many universities and companies are offering free or low cost online courses. It doesn’t matter what age you are, whether you are learning to further your career or just for knowledge / fun, there is a course out there for everyone.

OpenLearn: Open University have a permanent free section called OpenLearn, their are a massive range of courses available on OpenLearn with study times anywhere between 30mins and a year. https://www.open.edu/openlearn/

British Sign Language: BSL were offering this course free but due to very high demand on their servers, are now asking for a small donation of at least £3. https://www.british-sign.co.uk

Learn a new skill on YouTube: We all know that YouTube is full of teenagers telling us every aspect of their lives – but it is also a great place to learn a new skill. YouTube is full of tutorials on everything from sewing and knitting through to building your own coffee table.

Learn to sketch: There are lots of tutorials for budding artists, especially on YouTube but this drawing tutorials website specialised in sketching and has fantastic easy to follow projects: http://rapidfireart.com/free-drawing-tutorials/

Museum & Gallery Virtual Tours: Many museums are running these tours via their own websites however Google Arts & Culture provides a faster way to navigate your favourite museums from around the world: https://artsandculture.google.com/search/streetview?project=streetviews

Online Stage Shows, Plays, Musicals & Opera: Many theatres are live streaming archived footage, most available for only a few days at a time so keep checking the link if you are hoping to see a favourite. This week Andrew Lloys Webber joined in with the streaming of his musicals, one each week: https://www.whatsonstage.com/london-theatre/news/stage-shows-musicals-opera-free-stream-online_51198.html

Learn My Way – Online, interactive courses for beginners, everything from learning the basics of a keyboard and computer to video calling, online safety and applying for jobs online. All completely free and you can work at your own pace. https://www.learnmyway.com/subjects

Kids and Home Learning

Zoo Cams

Zoos around the world have set up Animal Cams to enable those at home to watch the animals day or night. Here are a few:

Learning Packs & Resources

Many online companies and websites have made all or a selection of their home schooling and teacher resources free during the pandemic. Here are a few:

Printable Signage for your door

With the current situation in the UK and Worldwide, many people are now working from home, Self-Isolating or Social Distancing.

Whichever you are doing, we have put together a selection of free, printable signs for you to use at home or at work, to help you to stay distanced and safe.

Click the links in the sections below, you will be take to the free printable signs.

Social Distancing:

Printable Door Sign for Social Distancing:  Social Distancing Door Sign (Basic)

Self Isolating:

Printable Door Sign for Self Isolating: Self Isolating Door Sign (Basic)

Office Notice – Social Distancing:

Printable Office Sign for Social Distancing: Social Distance Office Sign (Basic)

DIY Hand Sew Face Covering Tutorial: Sew your own cute Face Mask with Filter Pocket

Support & Help

If you are a key worker or are self-isolated and need help with getting food or medication, or just want someone to talk to, the parish of Sixpenny Handley and Pentridge have a support team in place. View our outbreak support page here: http://pentridgedorset.co.uk/covid-19-outbreak-support/

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COVID-19 Outbreak Support

COVID-19 Coronavirus - Social Distanicing image

Sixpenny Handley and Pentridge Parish now have support teams in place for those affected by COVID-19 (CoronaVirus).

Key information from the contact sheets that have been delivered around the village can be found below.

The parish council have organised teams of volunteers to help during the Covid-19 emergency. They have teamed up with the Handley & Cranborne surgeries as well as local shops in order to best help those who are self isolated. This service is for the use of those who are Self-Isolated and key workers.

Prescriptions: To have prescriptions collected, ensure that they are ready for collection in advance, you will also need to sign an approval form to authorise the helper to collect on your behalf.

Shopping: NISA: 01725 552658 and Clarkes Butchers: 01725 552328 will both take orders and a card payment over the telephone. Let them know that your buddy is collecting on your behalf.

Phone Buddies: There is also a team of people who will be happy to talk with you at any time of the day, just to pass the time and have a chat about anything that is not of a personal nature. If you have a smartphone, tablet or computer, ask about ‘Teams’ – this is new to the parish but can enable you to group chat and also see who you are talking with.

Exchange Library Books: At the parish council office, ask your buddy


Newsletters and updates support team contact sheets will be sent out to keep everyone informed of changes and support available.

Newsletter 1 (21/03/2020): https://sixpennyhandley.info/files/newsletter1-21-3-20.pdf

Newsletter 2 (03/04/2020): https://sixpennyhandley.info/files/newsletter-2.pdf

Support Team Contact Form 1 (28/03/2020): http://pentridgedorset.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Team-4-Support-Contact-form.pdf

Support Team Contact Form 2 (14/04/2020): http://pentridgedorset.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Team-4-Support-Contact-form-1.pdf

Additional Info Sources

You can find out more on the Sixpenny Handley website: https://sixpennyhandley.info/community-organisations/covid-19

There is also a neighbourhood group setup by Andy Turner on the ‘Next Door’ website for Sixpenny, Pentridge & surrounding areas during the Covid-19 outbreak where people can share both government and local information, it’s free to join: https://nextdoor.co.uk/g/jd7hfbg6m/

This PDF contains guidance from National Police Chiefs Council on what consitutes a reason for going out during lockdown: http://pentridgedorset.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/What-constitutes-a-reasonable-excuse.pdf

Free Printable Social Distancing / Self Isolating Sign for your door: Social Distancing Door Sign

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